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When it comes to time spent in a place, home and office are numbers one and two. What many people don't realize is that number 3 is your automobile. Think of the time that is spent, both by you and your family, in your automobile. Whether on a long trip, or just the daily commute, your automobile bears the brunt of a considerable amount of daily wear and tear, as well as the occasional tear, crack, burn, or spill. If your automobile upholstery is in need of a repair, or just a touch up to make it feel and smell new, call us. We can offer a free estimate,and we stand behind our work.

 If you live in or around Rochester, you know that the boating season is short enough already. You don't want to waste a weekend, or even a beautiful afternoon, getting the furniture or upholstery repaired. Due to the sun, wind, and water, boating interiors and upholstery are in need of frequent upkeep. We can get your boat back in tip top shape, and we can do it quickly. We also specialize in off season, or preseason repairs and upkeep, so call us today!

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