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Furniture Reupholstering

We know all too well that Rochester weather wreaks havoc on many indoor furnishings. Whether in your home, automobile, or anywhere else it seems that the rule is: Where there is clean furniture, snow, slush, and dirt will find it. Because of the time and expense invested in your furniture, it is not practical to replace it yearly. Did you know that there are products available to protect your furniture from becoming run down, stained or dirty? It's true! And, if it's too late to fit your furniture with a trendy slip cover, there are many options to restore or repair your furnishings to their original condition.  Here at Frank's we specialize in finding the right fabrics and materials to restore your furniture. It is much cheaper to reupholster furnishings than it would be to replace them. Give us a call, we'd be happy to offer a free estimate!

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